Pulse Current Sensor for Current Sensing in Metering Applications

This application note contains explanation regarding sensor, current comparison, coil, correction factor, winding technique, metering applications, apparent energy, voltage, pulse current sensor, offset, configuration, algorithm, measurement, energy, current sensing, and calculation algorithm. Lots of info about application, metering device family, measuring devices, phase, board, winding, cable, current compensation, calculation, pulse, power consumption, measured current, power, position, and power calculation are explained inside the application note.

In the application note the reader can find info related to traditional power, metering, devices, current measuring devices, system, conductor, principle, pulse current, current sensor, output voltage, frequency, phase systems, mutual current, metering device, and core. Below are some excerpt from this application note:

This application note describes the benefits of a current sensing system for metering applications using STPMxx metering devices and a current sensor developed by Pulse Engineering Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Pulse current sensor”), based on the Rogowski coil principle. Following an overview of the Rogowski coil principle, the Pulse current sensor is introduced along with a comparison to other current measuring devices. This is followed by a presentation of the characteristics of the STPMxx family of metering devices, and the results of accuracy testing conducted using a demonstration board with the STPM01 and the Pulse current sensor. The results obtained from the accuracy testing conducted with the STPM01 can be considered valid for all devices in the STPMxx family that share the same architecture

Giving more content, this application note contains info around mutual current compensation, winding characteristics, signal, device features, current, axial position, current channel, power calculation algorithm, current transformer, device, current measurement, products, shunt, transformer, and hall effect.

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