Racelogic VB10SPS 10Hz Speed Sensor User Manual

In the user manual we can find description like 10hz speed sensor, accuracy, power, gps, digital output, input, vb10sps, standard, speed sensor, and sensor. The user manual presents information such as signal, update rate, configuration, output, antenna, cable, speed, settings, connection, and rs232 connection.

Many info like setup software, data, position, interface cable, interface, vb10sps software, resolution, coldstart, software, and velocity are presented inside this user manual. The following are grabbed from the user manual:

The VB10SPS is a GPS based, non-contact speed and position sensor. Outputs available are CAN, analogue, digital and serial, which allow easy integration into most motor sport and testing applications. The analogue output can either output vehicle speed, lateral or longitudinal acceleration (g) or alternatively, it can be used as a lap beacon marker. The digital output can be configured as either a digital speed pulse output or as a lap beacon marker.

Additionally, this user manual presents discussion such as setup, option, beacon pulse, connector, pulse, lateral acceleration, switch, rate, and firmware.

Download Racelogic VB10SPS 10Hz Speed Sensor User Manual pdf
File size: 1.828 MB, number of pages: 24, download server: www.racelogic.co.uk
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