Report of Final Project : Light Sensor

The report gives the reader info related to light sensor, light photoresistor, comparator, and circuit. There are lots of information regarding detection circuit, wave generator, phototransistor, and diagram are presented in this report.

Inside the report you can read info around schematic, signal, threshold, and sensing circuit. The following are selected from the report:

In this Project you will implement a light sensing circuit. When there is no light shining on the detection part of the circuit, the green LED will be flashing. At the presence of light the red LED will start flashing instead of the green one. Block Diagram Figure 1 . Block diagram of the light sensing circuit Block diagram of the light sensor is depicted in Figure 1. We are using a single 6V battery for this project, but for different building blocks we need both 3V and 6V as supply voltages. Therefore through the “Supply Circuit” block we generate this additional 3V supply voltage.

Giving more content, the report explains information such as block diagram, square wave generator, and light.

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