Report Of Methods of Flow Measurement for Water and Wastewater

This report presents explanation regarding flow velocity, magnetic inductive flow, calibration, measurement methods, ultrasonic, ultrasonic doppler method, and ultrasonic pulse doppler. Inside this report we can find information like flow measurement, frequency spectrum, evaluation, doppler method, ultrasonic doppler, pressure, and the flow velocity.

Lots of info about measurement principle, transmission, methods, inductive flow measurement, doppler, measurement techniques, and frequency are explained in the report. These are taken from this report:

Ultrasonic Transit-Time Principle VR VO V1 V2 α L = Sound propagation velocity in medium at rest = local medium velocity = sound propagation velocity in flow direction = sound propagation velocity counter to flow direction = mounting angle between acoustic path and flow direction = gap between electroacoustic transducers Result Vaverage Vm = VR 2 • (t2 – t1) 2 • L •cos α Prerequisites for measurement • acoustic attachment/sound transmission within the medium necessary • pipes must be filled up (or additionally a level measurement is required) • acoustic path must be situated within the medium Advantages • easy mounting / demounting (clamp-on technology) • hydraulic disturbances within the acoustic path are taken into account in the calculation • insensitive to grease and oils • no minimum conductivity necessary Disadvantages • incorrect measurement or failure in partially filled pipes • measurement failure in liquids with high solid matter contents • i

Giving more content, this report explains more about frequency distortion, the transit time, ultrasonic flow measurement, measurement error, signal, and flow.

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