Report of Test Rig for Analog and Switching Distance Sensor

Lots of discussion regarding analog sensors, characteristic curve, circuit, and sensors are described in this report. The report contains discussion related to sensor, sensor adjustment, and the characteristic curve.

In this report we can find explanation around distance sensors, calibration, and parameter. Here are grabbed from this report:

MesSen Nord Gesellschaft für Meß-, Sensor- und Datentechnik mbH Zum Forsthof 2 18198 Stäbelow Tel.: +49 38207 / 656 – 0 Fax: +49 38207/ 656 – 66 Internet: E-mail: Test Rig for Analog and Switching Distance Sensors Dated: Version W2.6 /  05 – 2009 Contents: 0. Test modes available Two methods are available for carrying out the sensor test: a) Automatic In this test mode the steps of the test are worked through without interruption to the end of the program, or until a sensor error occurs (test not passed) and the option “Interrupt in case of error” is selected (see 2.5.1.).

Also, this report explains information regarding current, the sorting machine, and characteristic.

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