Research About Air Flow Measurement Techniques and How They Compare to Lab Tested Result

Inside this research we can learn explanation like parameters, pressure, flow rates, measurements, turbocharger management system, oxygen concentration, standard deviations, and the turbocharger management. This research tells us information regarding turbocharger performance, carbon balance, the air flow, measurement, air flow measurement, pressure measurement, and bernoulli’s equation.

Many explanation like anemometer, ratio, flow, equation, carbon balance method, velocity, data, and management system are explained in this research. Below are some excerpt from the research:

While testing a Williams Gas Pipeline Clark HBA-8 turbocharger at the Kansas State University National Gas Machinery Laboratory (NGML), three methods were used to determine the turbocharger air flow rate. These were: (1) a Kurz™ anemometer installed near the turbocharger turbine exhaust; (2) a turbocharger management system that included a pitot tube to measure differential pressure; and (3) an ASME venturi nozzle that is a permanent part of the NGML turbocharger test cell instrumentation. The turbocharger was then installed in the field and air flow rates were measured using the Kurz™ anemometer and the pitot tube with the turbocharger management system.

Also, this research explains info regarding performance, flow measurements, the pressure measurement, error, error rate, pressure ratio, and flow measurement.

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