Research About Light Sensor-Based Line Tracing and Counting

There are lots of information such as sensor, robot, and the light sensor are explained inside this research. The research presents things around intensity, tracing, and line tracing.

Inside the research the reader can get things such as light, the light intensity, and light sensor. Here are taken from the research:

A light sensor can tell the difference between light and dark and also converts a color into its light intensity. In order to test the performance of the light sensor provided by a Lego NXT robot, we designed two projects: line tracing and line counting in a structured environment. For line tracing, the robot uses a light sensor to detect the black line and follow it to a specified target; for line counting, the robot counts a number of black lines during its motion and use the detected line number to come back home.

Even more, the research contains info around touch sensor, line counting, and light intensity.

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