Research About Temperature Sensor

This research presents explanation around temperature range, thermocouple, sensitivity, equation, and signal conditioning. Many discussion regarding temperature characteristic, the temperature range, temperature measurements, and sensors are presented inside the research.

In the research you can learn explanation about thermoelectricity, thermistor, temperature sensors, and measurements. These are chosen from this research:

Semiconductor Temperature Sensors Semiconductor temperature sensors make use of the temperature characteristic for a transistor (see Kester et al.) k ×T  I C  ln  I  q  S Where:k is Boltzmann’ constant s T is the absolute temperature Q is the charge on an electron IC is the collector current IS is a current that depends on geometry and temperature of the transistor VBE = Usually multiple semiconductor devices are combined to cancel out the effect of IS, which is temperature dependent, and just measure a ?

Even more, the research explains discussion about characteristics, the simple circuit, temperature, and sensor.

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