Rexroth Hall Effect Speed Sensor-Datasheet

Inside this data the reader can read info related to installation, block circuit, sensor, output circuit, and speed measurement. There are many info regarding application, frequency, range, speed, and frequency outputs are explained inside this data.

The data contains discussion around circuit diagram, signals, speed sensor, measuring range, and circuit. Here are grabbed from this data:

The HDD Hall-effect speed sensor is used for contactless speed measurement of even very low speeds of rotation. Two Hall-effect semiconductor elements in the sensor measure a change in magnetic flux caused by a ferromagnetic gear on the sensor. This magnetic flux change is converted into squarewave pulse signals by the built-in electronic system. The frequency f of the square-wave voltage emitted by the sensor is calculated from the number of teeth z on the circumference of the gear wheel and the speed of the drive shaft or PTO shaft, using the following formula: f n [rpm] 60 z = number of teeth The number of teeth is specified in the catalogue sheet for the relevant axial piston motor

Additionally, this data contains info regarding interference, supply voltage, block circuit diagram, measurement, and contactless speed measurement.

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