Robotic Tutorial: Forward Until Dark Light Sensor

This tutorial contains things about sensors setup, lighting conditions, sensor readings, and ultrasonic. Lots of info like motors, light sensor, sensor, and robotics are described inside the tutorial.

In this tutorial you can find information related to lighting, program, light, and robot. Below are grabbed from this tutorial:

The sensor gives a light intensity reading of 0-100. But unlike the Ultrasonic Sensor, where the number was in centimeters, the Light Sensor’s values are relative only, and do not correspond to any set system of units. In fact, any light source – lamps, sunlight, shadows – and even the height of the light sensor off the table can affect how much light the Light Sensor sees for the same surface. So how can you set a fair cutoff (threshold) between light and dark? In the next section, you will use the NXT’s View Mode to see for yourself what sorts of numbers you get for different surfaces.

Furthermore, this tutorial gives the reader info things like software, sonar sensors, and ultrasonic sensor.

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