Rockwell Automation Installation Instruction for 45CPD Analog Laser Sensor

This installation instruction presents explanation related to infrared laser, measuring range, application, sensing range, range, and detection. There are lots of explanation around laser, normal operation, output, discrete outputs, and the single output are explained inside this installation instruction.

Inside this installation instruction you can find description such as installation, function, analog output, sensor, and analog. Below are chosen from the installation instruction:

Teach-In Indicators AS1 Turn on switchpoint for QA Turn off switchpoint for QA Invert Output for QA (L.O./ D.O.) AS2 BS1 X AS1 X X Invert Output for QB (L.O./ D.O.) Speed Mode AS2 X Turn on switchpoint for QB 100% point for Analog Output Speed X Turn off switchpoint for QB 0% point for Analog Output BS2 X X X X X X X X QA Output The discrete and analog output functions can be set in combination (e.g., two discrete outputs and the analog output).

Giving more content, the installation instruction gives us discussion regarding measurement, the measuring range, object detection, operation, and laser sensor.

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