ROHM’s Selection Guide for Ambient Light Sensor IC

There are many things around operating temperature, intensity, switching, backlight, light sensor ics, supply voltage, illuminance measurement, and gain are explained inside the selection guide. Inside the selection guide the reader can find things like sensitivity, performance, temperature range, superior light sensing, sensor, power supply, and ambient light sensor.

This selection guide presents information around trimming, package, automatic light control, measurement range, temperature, accuracy, sampling, and light. Here are excerpted from this selection guide:

The compact ROHM ALS ICs are the ideal choice for LCD-equipped portable devices as well as LCD monitors and ROHM’s advanced ambient light sensor ICs are offered in ultra-small WSOF5 and WSOF6 packages high-definition (HDTV) backlighting control. Improved Visibility with Lower Power Consumption Adjusting the backlight intensity to compensate for variations in ambient light level can save 50% or more of the total between charges (“talk time”) and/or the light sources.

Even more, this selection guide contains more around resolution, light control, control, equipment, measurement, light sensor, and sensitivity variation.

Download ROHM’s Selection Guide for Ambient Light Sensor IC pdf
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