S80 Series Laser Distance Sensor Datasheet and User Manual

Many information like retroreflex measurement range, distance sensors, reflector, display, temperature drift, connector, sensor, measurement range, detection, and laser are explained inside this datasheet. Inside this datasheet we can learn description such as output hysteresis, range, response, digit display, temperature, laser distance sensors, direct measurement, switching, object reflection, and protection.

The datasheet contains information about indicators, flight measurement, distance, laser distance, output status led, retroreflex measurement, selection, measurement distance, response time, and serial interface. The following are grabbed from the datasheet:

The S80-Y0 and S80-YL0 sensors function as proximity on respectively a 0.3 – 4 m distance, or from 0.3 to 7 m with scalable range, in object positioning or detection applications, for example as double-threshold background suppression on long distance. The S80-Y1 and S80-Y2 sensors, with operating distances reaching 20 or 100 m, function as retroflex measuring the distance from a reflector mounted on the object to detect and are ideal for position applications in automatic warehouses or material handling lines in general.

Even more, this datasheet tells the reader more regarding cable, measurement, analogue output, sensors, output status, connector output, accessories, target, and automation.

Download S80 Series Laser Distance Sensor Datasheet and User Manual pdf
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