SA1D: Analog Distance Detection Sensors

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Inside the product guide the reader can find info related to reflector, mounting, cable, function, light source, reflected light, receiving element, automation software, radiation, specifications, distance, power supply, response, operating distance, reflection, performance, general information, fibers, dust, and close proximity. These are some excerpt from this product guide:

Triangulation ensures high-precision when sensing the presence or position of objects . Wide sensing range is 7.87” to 19.69” (200 to 500mm). Select analog output (20 to 4mA) for continuous values; use digital output (on/off); or use both together .Far and near limits can be defined for detecting objects within a specified zone.A ten-dot LED level meter provides a dynamic display of detected positions and also shows near and far settings .Alarm output indicates when sensing conditions may result in inaccurate results SA1D sensor provides versatile, accurate distance sensing for your specific application needs. Both in analog and digital output style for comparison. Power Supplies The advantage of the SA1D is that the shape, size, material, and color do not detract from accurate measurement.

Even more, this product guide contains more things like dielectric strength, insulation resistance, emission, communication, incident light, digital output, lens, prismatic reflector, sensor cables, signal, plane, power, extraneous light, response time, analog output, fiber, alarm output, housing, and operator.

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