Seafloor Hydrothermal System’s Flow Rate Measurement, Optical Plume Velocimetry

The paper presents things regarding analysis, momentum flux, ridge hydrothermal systems, velocity, frequency, flow, and standard deviation. There are lots of things like rate, fluid, image, measurements, turbulent, and velocity field are described in this paper.

In this paper the reader can read information around nozzle velocity, flow rates, transitional flow, hydrothermal, velocities, and range. These are chosen from this paper:

Wilcock University of Washington School of Oceanography Box 357940 Seattle, WA 98195-7940 2 List of Symbols A area of jet nozzle, m2 B initial specific buoyancy flux, m4 /s3 c1 constant in along-axis plume velocity equation cf fraction of Nyquist frequency for Hovm¨ ller cut-off o C temporal cross-correlation function D jet nozzle diameter, m d pixel separation in temporal cross-correlation method, pixels f frequency, 1/s g gravitational acceleration, m/s2 k1 constant in along-axis jet velocity equation lM Morton length scale, m lmax lag number at the cross-correlation maximum, frames M initial specific momentum flux, m4 /s2 n number of instantaneous image-velocity measurements used to calculate the mean N number of frames in image sequence Q nozzle flow rate, m3 /s Qi individual nozzle flow rate measurement, l/s Qm mean measured nozzle flow rate, 1/s r radial coordinate, m R Residual for region-based matching image-velocity estimation

Additionally, the paper tells you information about nozzle flow rate, flow rate, nozzle flow, black smoker flow, image intensity, and systems.

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