Selection Guide for Digital Laser Sensor LS Series-Panasonic

Lots of things like measurement, laser sensors, amplifier, human machine interfaces, photoelectric, machine interfaces, fiber sensors, proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors area, and amplifiers are described inside the selection guide. The selection guide tells the reader explanation about mounting bracket, sensing range, micro photoelectric sensors, sensors, energy consumption, area sensors, output, sensing distance, and laser sensor.

Inside this selection guide you can find description related to communication, systems, response time, light, sensor, interfaces, long sensing, pressure, photoelectric sensors, and micro photoelectric. These are excerpted from this selection guide:

function Fifth digit: Hysteresis Seventh digit: Customized function Eighth digit: Sensing mode Sixth digit: External input mode 269 Digital Laser Sensor LS SERIES ORDER GUIDE FIBER SENSORS LASER SENSORS Sensor heads PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS Type MICRO PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS Appearance Coaxial retroreflective Class 1 PARTICULAR USE SENSORS SENSOR OPTIONS ENDOSCOPE LASER MARKERS PLC / TERMINALS HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACES ENERGY CONSUMPTION VISUALIZATION COMPONENTS FA COMPONENTS MACHINE VISION SYSTEMS UV CURING SYSTEMS Selection Guide Amplifier Built-in Amplifierseparated LS Long sensing range spot reflective Long sensing range line reflective Class 1 STATIC CONTROL DEVICES Diffuse reflective MEASUREMENT SENSORS Class 2 WIRE-SAVING SYSTEMS Class 2 SIMPLE WIRE-SAVING UNITS LS-H92F (Note 1) FDA / IEC / JIS LS-H91 IEC / JIS / GB FDA / IEC / JIS LS-H91-A IEC / JIS / GB 0.2 to 30 m 0.656 to 98.425 ft (Note 2) 0.2 to 20 m 0.656 to 65.617 ft (Note 2) 0.2 to 10 m

Even more, this selection guide gives the reader discussion such as flow sensors, protection, laser, sensor options, measurement sensors, proximity, range, inductive proximity sensors, and pressure flow sensors.

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