Selection Guide for Pressure Sensor, Accelerometers, and Custom Microstructures

Inside this selection guide you can read description such as acceleration, temperature error, temperature, sensitivity, differential amplifier, calibration data, compensation, output, mountable pressure sensor, and application. The selection guide tells us info regarding output noise, pressure, pressure sensor, resistance, calibration, standard ranges, ranges, error, and range.

Lots of info regarding pressure range, stability, parameters, performance, frequency, medical instrumentation, sensors, linearity, and dimensions are described in the selection guide. Here are grabbed from this selection guide:

Pressure Sensors, Accelerometers, and Custom Microstructures IC SENSORS Products Databook Consistent with Measurement Specialties, Inc. policy of continually updating and improving its products, the type designation and data are subject to change, unless otherwise arranged. No obligations are assumed for notice of change of future manufacture of these devices or materials. Copyright©2003 Measurement Specialties, Inc. All rights reserved. Information furnished by Measurement Specialties, Inc. is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by Measurement Specialties, Inc.

Additionally, the selection guide contains information regarding pressure output, accelerometer, sensor, temperature range, hysteresis, response, temperature compensation, gain, and response time.

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