Selection Guide For ROHM Ambient Light Sensor ICs

The sele contains explanation about measurement range, power consumption, analog output, intensity, illuminance measurement range, performance, resolution, light sensing, and light. Inside the sele we can find info regarding light sensor, range, operating temperature, operating temperature range, sensor, sampling time, ambient, and microcontroller.

Many things such as ambient light sensor, sensitivity, supply voltage, ambient light sensors, light control, sensors, illuminance measurement, and backlight intensity are explained inside this sele. The following are taken from the sele:

Innovations Embedded Sensors Ambient Light Sensor ICs for automatic light control processing < LCD ROHM MarketingUSA TV / Displays < LCD-equipped Portable Devices Selection Guide Ambient Light Sensor ICs from ROHM Semiconductor ROHM ambient light sensor (ALS) ICs  Mobile Phones are designed to control the brightness of  Digital Cameras LED-backlighted LCD displays based on  Video Players ambient light availability and brightness  PDAs  Notebook PCs  Car Navigation systems  LCD TVs  LCD Monitors /Displays for optimum display visibility and energy efficiency.

Furthermore, this sele gives us discussion about ambient, ambient light, accuracy, sampling, light source, measurement, light sensors, and ambient light.

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