Self-contained Proximity Sensors

Inside this product guide you can learn explanation like nickel, resistor, metal, high precision, short circuit, power supply voltage, current detection, vision systems, protection, main circuit, pressure sensors, controllers, sensors, measuring displacement sensors, and analog sensor controllers. The product guide contains things around detectable object, power supply, power, load, control, distance, aluminum, proximity sensor, current, plated brass, circuit, supply voltage, programmable logic controllers, connection, and steel.

There are lots of info about cable length, detection circuit, proximity, output, response frequency, wiring, temperature, sensor head, power supply type, mounting, residual voltage, supply, contained proximity sensors, wire, and model are explained inside this product guide. The following are taken from the product guide:

With a 2-wire proximity sensor, a small amount of current flows (leakage current) to keep the circuit operating even when the sensor is turned OFF. (Refer to graph “Leakage current characteristics”.) Because of this current, a low voltage remains on the load, sometimes preventing the load from properly resetting. Before operation, check that the residual voltage is lower than the reset voltage of the load.

Even more, the product guide explains discussion about protection circuit, high precision sensors, technical guide, stainless steel, copper, reversed polarity, interference, voltage, housing, cable, surge voltage, proximity sensors, flexible cable, indicator, and current consumption.

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