Self-mixing Laser Sensor for Large Displacements:

Many info about information, beam, moving target, detection, fringe, signal, feedback coupling, fringe counting, sensing system, modulation, movement, target displacement, and fixed threshold are presented inside this paper. The paper presents information about sensor, laser beam, displacements, moderate feedback regime, fringe detection, feedback, signal processing, long range displacements, signal processing technique, laser, influence, technique, and segment.

Inside the paper you can get description around axis, permission, mechanical components, signals, sensing, redistribution, resolution, surface, displacement sensing, signal segment, laser diode, proposed technique, and range displacements. These are selected from this paper:

Laser self-mixing (SM) sensors have been successfully used to measure displacement in the absence of speckle. However, speckle deforms the SM signal rendering it unusable for standard displacement extraction techniques. This article proposes a new signal processing technique, based on tracking the signal envelope, to remedy this problem. Algorithm was successfully employed to measure long-range displacements (25 mm), in the presence of speckle and the lateral movement of the target, both causing severe corruption of the SM signal. It therefore enabled the use of the sensor on non-cooperative targets without the need for sensor positioning and/or alignment. The results have been obtained for SM signals where the envelope amplitude has varied by a factor 28, without a loss of interferometric fringes. The use of this technique effectively removes the need for opto/electro-mechanical components traditionally used to measure long-range displacement in the presence of speckle.

Even more, the paper presents information such as scanning, threshold, coupling, translation stage, self mixing, amplitude, amplitude modulation, electro mechanical components, mechanical coupling, target surface, processing technique, and optical feedback.

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