Self-Powered Wireless Light Sensor

There are many discussion such as light sensor, time, frequency, energy, self powered, and operation are described in the product sheet. This product sheet presents explanation around storage temperature, occupancy detection, transmission interval, temperature range, and power.

Inside the product sheet the reader can read things such as specifications, ambient light, external power, tool, light, and wiring. These are selected from this product sheet:

The Wireless Light Sensors have built-in solar cells that draw on available ambient light to power themselves and can operate for days in total darkness. The Light Sensor is designed to operate for light levels from 0 to 94.8 footcandles (0 to 1020 LUX). This is a revolutionary product for daylight harvesting applications to meet energy saving initiatives. Optimally place the sensor in the desired lighted space, pair it with a Magnum receiver for load control and your installation is complete. The self-powered wireless light sensor design also overcomes the placement and coverage challenges of traditional light sensors. They may be mounted wherever needed without moving or installing new wiring or conduit.

Furthermore, the product sheet gives you information things like sensor, optional occupancy detection, daylight, temperature, and detection.

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