SEMTECH Application Note : XE8000EV120 Interfacing Your First Pressure Sensor

This application note presents things like signal, pressure, output, amplified sensor, input, amplified sensor output, white noise, application, filter configuration, sensor characteristics, and gains. In this application note we can find explanation about configuration, characteristics, transfer function, communications, sensor output voltage, output signal, pressure sensor, schematic, gain, the sensor output, and output voltage.

Lots of explanation related to filter, sensor output signal, sensor output, sensor advanced communications, input voltage, voltage, offset, sensor transfer function, default configuration, inputs configuration, and application are explained in the application note. The following are chosen from this application note:

This document intends to show how to interface a pressure sensor using the XE8000EV120 evaluation board. It also shows how to use efficiently the ZoomingADC™ of the SX8722 and demonstrate the benefits of the zooming feature. 1.2 Recommended reading Other useful documents are listed below • SX8722 Datasheet • XE8000EV120 User’s Guide 2 Pressure Sensor This chapter describes the pressure sensor and its main characteristics. 2.1 Sensor characteristics The chosen sensor for this application is a 200kPa absolute pressure sensor type MPX2202AP by Freescale. Its main characteristics are described in the table below: Characteristic Value (Typ) Unit Pressure range 0-200 kPa Supply voltage 3.3 Vdc Supply current 1.96 mAdc Full scale span 13.04 mVdc

In addition, this application note explains information such as the transfer function, main characteristics, voltage range, noise cancellation, advanced communications, noise, parameters, sensor voltage, gains configuration, maximum output, and input noise.

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