Sensor Interface Circuit EDM710 Product Description

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Inside the product description the reader can get description related to gain, power, setting, multiplexer, switched capacitor, output data, time, temperature sensor, filter, input, conversion time, analog, fine offset, range, output, electrical characteristics, selection test, control bits, and serial interface. Here are excerpted from this product description:

This specification describes an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (EDM710) which
was designed to condition and digitize the differential signal from a piezoresistive bridge
accelerometer. TheEDM710 shall have two synchronous serial ports; one for analog circuit configuration data and one for digitized signal output data. The EDM710 is intended to be used with a microcontroller (μC) to allow closed loop control of gain and offset to counteract the effects of temperature on the accelerometer. A temperature sensor internal to the chip allows determination of current temperature. A buffered clock output and open drain power on reset are also included to facilitate low parts count operation with a μC. A block diagramof the EDM710 is included in figure 1.

Furthermore, the product description contains discussion such as frequency, gain step, circuit, switched capacitor filter, sensor channel, clock frequency, transfer, reference adjustment circuit, digital converter, mode, configuration, adjustment, adjustment range, analog channel, pass filter, product, temperature, fine offset adjustment, and converter.

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