Sensor Interface – CY30 from Bosch

Inside this product information we can learn description regarding interface, products, signal, output, threshold, and voltage. This product information gives you information related to sensor, zero crossing, input inductive sensor, pin, inductive sensor signal, and supply voltage.

There are many information like supply, system, input, open drain, negative zero crossing, and amplitude are explained in this product information. Below are excerpted from the product information:

The inductive-sensor signal applied to DGP and DGN is raised by an internal voltage divider to a bias voltage of approximately 2.5 V. An internal clamp structure limits the voltage at DGP/ DGN between – 0.7 V and VDD5 +0.7 V typically. The inductive sensor signal is then fed to the internal comparators. With a positive inductive
sensor signal which exceeds the positive threshold, the output signal NBM is set to High (corresponds to preparing for the negative zero crossing). The analogue glitch filter suppresses short disturbance pulses smaller than 3μs. The NBM signal is reset to low at the negative zero crossing

Additionally, the product information gives the reader info regarding crossing, inductive sensor, sensor interface, circuit, dependent, and sensor signal.

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