Sensor Interface Manual for USF4 PC/104 (RTD Scandinavia Oy)

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In this use manual you can learn explanation such as bandwidth, acquisition, amplifier, filter gain, current loop sensing, interface, isolation amplifier, reference, offset adjustment, measurement, interface connector, converter, board, data acquisition, programmable gain, header connector, conditioning, amplifier post filter, performance, onboard temperature sensor, input configuration, rtd, and system. Below are grabbed from the use manual:

The signal definition of this connector is compatible with all the PC/104, ISAbus and Eurocard front-end and A/D-boards. Input sensor signals are connected to the USF4 by either a spring loaded discrete wire connector of with a 50-pin flat ribbon cable header connector. Use this type of interface connector with a TB50 screw terminal block. Please consult the factory for more details on different connector options.

Furthermore, the use manual contains more about settling time, signal, loop sensing, calibration, temperature measurement, universal sensor interface, input amplifier, analog amplifier, data, offset, boards, expansion connector, input channel, programmable gain amplifier, resistor, input resistor, analog ground, software, single ended ground, connection, high frequency noise, jumper settings, and current loop.

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