Sensor Interfacing Quick Guide from Cherry Electrical Products

In the tutorial we can find description about sinking output, sourcing, sensor, devices, sourcing output, and open collector. There are many things about voltage, two wire device, interfacing, voltage supply, and current are described in this tutorial.

The tutorial presents things related to applications, device, output, open collector outputs, interface, and wire current signalling. Here are selected from the tutorial:

When the sensor is in a quiescent or OFF state, the output can be viewed as an open switch. When the sensor detects its target and turns ON, the switch closes, connecting the output to the sensor’s ground return lead. One source of confusion when applying sinking output devices comes from not realizing that the output does not provide a voltage output signal. In order to get an output one can read on a voltmeter or oscilloscope one must add a pull-up resistor between the output and a positive voltage supply (Vp).

Giving more content, the tutorial explains info around wire, current signalling, system, logic, and sensor state.

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