Sensor Network Interface to Communication Network for Disaster Managemen

The paper presents explanation about information, system, dial, wireless modem, sensor network, communication network, peripheral devices, and sensor. Inside the paper you can learn explanation about port, power supply, communication, communication engineering, modem, engineering, mobile, and low power consumption.

There are many things like paper, bread board, detection, network, microcontroller, technology, development board, and wireless are presented inside this paper. Here are grabbed from this paper:

This paper deals with the sensor network and communication network for disaster management, in which the concerned authorities dealing in disaster management get the message on their mobile phones about disaster information. Now a days number of small disasters like fire, chemical leakage, pollution etc, happen frequently and need immediate relief action. In this paper the authors have developed a technique for immediate information releas e for quick action to such events. In this technique, we have used sensors which sense the disaster information and transfer this information to the mobile user using GSM RS 232 Modem and MDE 8051 development board.

Furthermore, this paper tells us info regarding power consumption, reliability, telecommunication, power, electronics, board, control, and consumption.

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