SFH3410 – SFH3710 Ambient Light Sensor Application Note

Many info such as power, light, brightness, semiconductors, standard, signals, standard photo detector, lighting conditions, and light sensors are described in this application note. In the application note you can get information regarding opto semiconductors, sensors, automatic dimming, silicon phototransistors, sensitivity, sensor, dimming, and different light sources.

The application note contains discussion such as backlighting, detector, ambient light, lux, human eyes, osram opto semiconductors, light sources, and circuits. The following are selected from the application note:

Osram OS has developed the SFH 3710 and SFH 3410 as low cost ambient light sensors. Both devices are Silicon Phototransistors in small and flat SMT packages. Applications for ambient light sensors Ambient light sensors are designed to detect brightness in the same way as human eyes do. They are used wherever the settings of a system have to be adjusted to the ambient light conditions as perceived by humans

Giving more content, the application note presents info around silicon, displays, phototransistors, ambient light sensors, devices, illuminance, lighting, and spectral sensitivity.

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