Sharp GP2D02-Sensor for Distance Depending Control-Application Note

Inside the application note you can find info around timing diagram, sensor, saturation current, sensitive photo diode, and distances. Lots of explanation regarding distance measurement, opamp, distance, and distance measuring sensor are presented inside this application note.

This application note tells us discussion like measurement, measurements, signal, sensitive photo detector, and photo detector. Below are selected from the application note:

Sharp GP2DO2 – a sensor for distance depending control Description and application of a simple distance measuring system Claus K├╝hnel If the simple Yes/No decision of a light barrier or a proximation circuit as an answer of monitoring is not sufficient than the distance measurement can deliver additional information. Simple systems for distance measurement should be not more expensive as light barrier systems. In this article Sharp’s position sensitive photo detector GP2DO2 will be described relating to function and application.

Giving more content, this application note explains information around the distance measurement, conversion, detector, and circuit.

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