Si1143 Proximity Sensor fro Parallax

Many discussion regarding sensor, control, parameter, operating temperature, average supply current, sampling, voltage, ambient, cross talk, object detection, application, code, light, and proximity sensor are explained inside the product sheet. This product sheet presents information around interface, detection, measurements, write register, current, register, drive current, proximity, measurement, microcontroller, operation, serial terminal, and measurement sequence.

Inside the product sheet the reader can read explanation around response, terminal, pin, time, section, rate, spin, proximity measurements, dimensions, light level, product, object, and drive. Here are selected from the product sheet:

The Si1143 Proximity Sensor uses infrared (IR) light to detect objects within its field of view. Using integrated detectors for IR and visible light, the device can measure levels of ambient IR and visible light as well as the amount of light reflected back from each of three onboard IR light emitting diodes (LEDs). A simple I2C communication interface allows easy integration with any microcontroller. Light amplitude measurements can be processed by the application code to determine the approximate position of an object in front of the sensor and/or its relative distance from the sensor. To recognize “swipe” gestures, the application can monitor whether an object (for example, a user’s hand) passes across the field of view in a particular direction or pattern.

Also, the product sheet explains discussion about ambient light, conditions, circuit, values, power, level, applications, datasheet, device, sampling rate, supply, supply current, and supply voltage.

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