Si85xx AC Current Sensor Family

In the product information you can read explanation about output signal, power supply, opportunity requirements, low voltage output, applications, transformer, hall effect, current sensor, motor control, voltage output, motor, accuracy, and information. Many information around cycle, measurement, output level, calibration, supply, signal, resistance, full bridge applications, lighting ballasts, signal conditioning, current flowing, sensor, and product are described inside the product information.

The product information tells you explanation such as power density, motor controls, inductance, additional output amplifier, current, power, design, device, timing requirements, voltage, primary inductance, additional output, and control. Here are chosen from this product information:

The Si85xx products are the world’s best AC Current Sensors with higher accuracy, smaller size and more integration than competing technologies. The on-chip signal conditioning eliminates external circuitry providing a 75% reduction in board area and almost 80% reduction in enclosure volume compared to competing transformer solutions! The Si85xx products are extremely price competitive and offer low power loss, less ringing, and high accuracy for ease of design. Unlike typical transformer based solutions, no calibration is required during the assembly of the power supply due to the accuracy of the Si85xx’s current measurement.

Also, the product information contains more about current transformers, current transformer, control circuit, measured current, components, series resistance, power supply applications, temperature, buck converter, lighting, output, board, and supply design.

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