SIB064A PMT Sensor Interface Board H8500 / H10966 Series

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The SIB064A multianode photomultiplier tube interface board provides the mechanical and electrical connectivity between the Hamamatsu H8500D or H10966 64 anode PMT and external signal processing electronics such as Vertilon’s PhotoniQ multichannel data acquisition systems. The PMT is mounted to the bottom side of the SIB064A through 148 socket pins that connect the device’s 64 anode signals, high voltage input, and last dynode output to the board. The anode signals are routed to two connectors located on the top of the board that each connect to a specialized high density coaxial cable assembly. This arrangement allows the SIB064A to be conveniently mounted directly into the user’s optical setup with the PMT facing outward from the bottom of the board and the sensor interface board (SIB) cables exiting from the top.

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