SIKA Force Sensor and Load Cells

This technical note presents discussion such as compression, long term measurement, strain gauge input, mechanical mounting, high long term, weighing modules, welding, performance, load transfer, temperature, load cell, reference temperature, breaking load, operating temperature, cable, digital display, compressive load, material, temperature data, nominal temperature range, display, lateral load limit, data input resistance, gauge, resistance, stainless steel protection, data, cable length, protection class, temperature effect, and range. Lots of explanation about electrical data input, weight, zero signal, limit, load transfer direction, term measurement stability, lateral load, force, amplifier, value, options, force sensor, nominal temperature, accuracy class, connection type, data reference, measurement stability, output resistance, type load, output, temperature influence, characteristic value, steel protection, force sensors, measurement data, measurement amplifier, strain, signal, input, and insulation resistance are described in this technical note.

In the technical note the reader can read description such as protection, load, supply voltage, connection, steel, characteristic, voltage, transfer, stainless steel, wire connection, linearity, input resistance, digital measurement amplifier, class, signal tolerance, measurement, supply, sensor, mechanical mounting aids, maximum load operating, wireless modular, mounting, measuring ranges, zero signal tolerance, strain gauge, sampling rate, force transfer, ranges, force limit, temperature range, and gauge input. Here are excerpted from this technical note:

Force and weight measurement is part of many industrial applications. For applications such as measuring forces in packaging or filling machines, weighing silos in outdoor areas, measuring operating forces in the development of new products, or reference systems for monitoring test equipment, SIKA offers a comprehensive range of components for industrial force measurement. SIKA force sensors and load cells, measurement amplifiers, software and accessories enable measurement solutions in many application areas.

Furthermore, this technical note contains more such as accuracy, data reference temperature, accessories, output signal, load limit, effect, dynamic load, digital measurement, operating load, cell, cell maximum capacity, data input, maximum load, maximum capacity, direction, rated characteristic value, technical data, maximum dynamic, maximum dynamic load, temperature data reference, wire, rated characteristic, nominal displacement, laser welding, transfer direction, electrical data, operating voltage, displacement, operating temperature range, and term measurement.

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