Single and Multi Spots Temperature Sensor for Tank Gauging System

Inside this application note you can get explanation such as temperature sensor, temperature, rosemount tank gauging, water level, tank, electrical installation drawing, and mechanical installation drawing. The application note presents things regarding electrical installation, multiple spot, technical description, sensor, temperature elements, temperature accuracy, and sensor type.

Lots of things related to installation, temperature range, junction, level sensor, water level sensors, connection, and drawing are described inside this application note. Here are some excerpt from the application note:

The RTD element is made from a pure material, which has a predictable change in resistance as the temperature changes. This change is used to determine temperature. Grade B is used for temperatures close to 0 °C, and grade A is used for temperatures far away from 0 °C. It is a passive resistance element, which means the RTD does not create any electromotive force itself. By using a known current, the voltage across the RTD is measured, which gives the resistance, and consequently also the temperature.

Giving more content, the application note contains more such as elements, tank connection, mounting thread, sensor for cryogenic, installation drawing, mechanical installation, and standard.

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