Single Bend Sensor Circuit

The ebook presents things around bend sensor, sensor, sensors, voltage divider circuit, range, and interface. Inside the ebook we can read information about signal, bridge circuit, single bend sensor, switch signal, divider circuit, and bump sensor.

Lots of discussion regarding schematic, digital input, sensor circuit, input, circuit, and bend sensors are presented inside this ebook. Below are taken from the ebook:

Bend Sensor Arrangement To convert the resistance values of bend sensors to voltage signals, simple voltage divider circuit is designed as shown in Figure 2 below. GND +5V GND B4 +5V To Bumper Switches B1 To Bend Sensor To LED’s FLBR R4 2 3 4 5 1 +5V GND R1 20kOhm Regulated Voltage In R2 15 Ohm PN2222A 30kOhm Q1 12 PN2222A Q2 To OOPic I/O (pin 12-15) PN2222A PN2222A Q3 Q4 OOPic GND 4 1 R3 4kOhm To OOPic I/O (pin 1-4 and GND) 8 To OOPic I/O (pin 8-11) Figure 9.

In addition, this ebook tells the reader info regarding voltage, switch circuit, output, voltage divider, voltage regulator, and sensing range.

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