SM300 : Superprox’s Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor

The product sheet contains things related to clamp, load, proximity sensing, fixed sensing window, straight stainless mounting, supply current, current, distance, fixed sensing, load current, mounting bracket, and proximity sensor. Inside the product sheet you can learn information regarding window, series, stainless mounting bracket, conductor, maximum load current, sourcing output, output, deadband erratic operation, voltage, right angle, and source.

Many information around sensor, stainless mounting, barrel sensors, mounting adapter model, polyamide, connector style, bracket, pulse, mounting adapter, supply, straight connector, and proximity are described inside this product sheet. Below are taken from this product sheet:

The applications suited to the SM300 proximity sensor are as broad as the benefits just mentioned. And because of the
sensor’s versatility, it is a solid candidate for almost every proximity sensing and noncontact switching need in the plant. The SM300 can detect positive stop and true home positions for servo-control systems and tool and parts presence in automated
CNC centers and assembly equipment. It is an ideal solution for sensing part and pin presence along with punch-through verification in stamping dies. Other applications include die open and closed detection of stamping, plastic injection molding and die casting
applications. Or, anywhere that traditional proximity sensing methods cannot reliably detect the large variety of materials running through the process or are limited by range

Additionally, the product sheet contains info about sensing window, threaded housing, pin, barrel, angle, cable style, connector, cable connector assembly, cable, mounting, and reverse polarity.

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