Smart Laser Sensor Instruction Manual

In this instruction manual the reader can get information related to laser beam, output, pulse, power, smart laser, rs232, smart laser sensor, and sensitivity adjust. The instruction manual gives us info about compatible, gain, negative output, auto gain, sensor, negative pulse, and position.

There are many explanation about signal, internal batteries, output pulse, input, instrument, auto mode, laser radiation, and laser are explained in this instruction manual. Below are selected from this instruction manual:

This product emits a visible beam of laser light. Avoid exposure to the laser radiation. The use of optical viewing aids (binoculars, for example) may increase the ocular hazard. Slide the Power switch (8) to the Off/Charge position and plug in the charger. The Power LED (4) will blink red while the unit is fast charging. The Power LED will blink amber when slow (trickle) charging. It will be solid amber when the batteries are fully charged.

In addition, this instruction manual explains info things like sensitivity, polarity, compatible output, beam, auto, threshold level, and humidity.

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