SMART-LS II Light Sensor Technical Data

In the technical data you can find information such as installation, spot, smart sensor, condition, light level, and spot measurement. This technical data tells us explanation like level, smart, sensor, ballast, and output.

Many explanation around switch, system, reflective index, light sensor, and area measurement are presented inside this technical data. Below are grabbed from this technical data:

In combination with the PCA EXCEL one4all and PCA ECO ballasts, the SMART sensor offers a cost effective and easy to install maintained illuminance system. The sensor registers the available ambient light and maintains a pre-defined light level. hrough the use of daylight it is possible to obtain savings of up to 30 % on energy, in addition to those associated with an electronic ballast. Changes in daylight will be automatically adjusted by the SMART sensor, thereby ensuring a constant illuminance. Setting of the SMART sensor is simplicity itself as no special tools or accessories are required. Once the SMART sensor has been installed the PCA EXCEL one4all / PCA ECO ballasts can be switched ON / OFF by interrupting the mains or via the DSI or Dali (EXCEL one4all) signal. It is possible to adjust the light level of the ballast and create a temporary override situation through the use of switch DIM.

In addition, the technical data explains more such as lamp, measurement, setting, signal, and light.

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