Smart Sensors Interface for Wireless Data and Power Transmission

Lots of things such as transceiver synchronization, data, control, wireless data, smart sensor, interface, microsystems, measurement, circuits, microsensor, and power transmission are described in this paper. This paper contains explanation such as sensor structure, wire connections, design, connections, coils, interface operation, unit, wireless power, data frame, and system.

Inside this paper we can read information around transmission, wireless, energy, technology, data transceiver, transceiver chip, temperature readings, sensor, data transceiver unit, wire, and structure. Here are grabbed from this paper:

The paper presents the interface designed for wireless data and power transmission. The interface operation idea was tested using build up hardware and software. The sample construction of the temperature sensor embedded with this type interface was designed. Measurements show that the sensor can be wirelessly supplied with energy and is capable to sent data (temperature readings) in 5 cm distance. The interface is universal and can be used after some modifications with any type of sensors

In addition, this paper contains info things like wireless interface, transceiver unit, transceiver, operation, measurement system, temperature sensor, wireless power transmission, power, control data, and frame.

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