Smart Skin Applications with A Large Area Force Sensor

Inside this paper we can find explanation around piezoresistive, drain, control circuit, low cost manufacturing, the force sensitivity, matrix type, large area, sensing area, contacts principles, control, screen, measurement, force, sensor array, and applications. There are lots of things regarding flexible, tactile sensor, environments, real time, polymer electronics, the smart skin, tactile information, array, advanced technology, small surface pressure, computers, pressure, tactile, force sensing, and capacitive pressure are described inside the paper.

This paper contains things such as image, cost manufacturing technologies, process, intelligent future, smart skin, technology, circuit, natural user identification, range, mechanism, sensitivity, printing technology, system, screen printing, and surface. These are some excerpt from this paper:

This paper presents the construction and theory of operation of a large area, flexible, tactile sensor and its applications. The sensing mechanism is based on the novel contact piezoresistive effect. Furthermore, the sensor’s resolution, size and shape can be easily tailored to the applications’ requirements. This versatility facilitates the use of the sensor in smart applications where tactile information is used to create system intelligence. Future improvements in the tactile sensing arena are discussed along with the potential benefits of using polymer electronics.

Additionally, this paper explains discussion things like manufacturing technologies, pressure image, smart, resistance, sensor, sensing mechanism, force sensitivity, properties, polymer, distribution, skin, graphics visualization, resolution, conductance, and interface.

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