Smart Speed Sensor for Measuring Wind Speed

This user manual contains things about connector, port, cable, gust speed, weatherproof extension case, measurement, data, and average speed. Inside this user manual the reader can get description related to wind, maximum wind speed, mounting pole, smart sensor, extension case, sensor, and information.

Many info about mounting, ground, average wind speed, measurement operation, speed, wind, smart, and wind speed are explained in this user manual. Below are some excerpt from the user manual:

The Wind Speed smart sensor is designed to work with HOBO® Station loggers. The smart sensor has a plug-in modular connector that allows it to be added easily to a HOBO Station. All sensor parameters are stored inside the smart sensor, which automatically communicates configuration information to the logger without the need for any programming or extensive user setup. To start using the Wind Speed smart sensor, stop the logger and insert the modular jack into an available port. If a port is not available, use a 1-to-2 adapter (Part # S-A
DAPT), which allows you to plug in two sensors into one port. The next time the HOBO
Station is used, it will automatically detect the new smart sensor. Note that the HOBO Station supports a maximum of 15 data channels; this smart sensor requires two data channels for wind speed and gust. Launch the logger and verify that the sensor is
functioning correctly.

Even more, this user manual contains discussion regarding adjust, entering, speed sensor, channels, data channels, cables, and wind speed.

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