Solution Guide for Ambient Light Sensor by Silicon Labs

There are lots of info related to ambient light sensor, sensor, proximity, proximity detection, optical sensors, and ambient are described inside this solution guide. Inside the solution guide you can learn things around measurements, current, ambient light, sensors, and average current.

This solution guide tells the reader things about detection, interface, temp sensor, motion sensing, light, and gesture detection. Here are selected from this solution guide:

Si1132 Ultraviolet (UV) Index and Ambient Light Sensor The monolithic Si1132 sensor integrates multiple photodiodes, an analog-to-digital converter, a signal processor and a digital I2C control interface in an impressively small 2 mm x 2 mm clear QFN package. This UV Index and ambient light sensor enables fitness wrist/arm bands, smart watches, and smartphones to differentiate by measuring UV sun exposure. Customers can benefit by receiving a warning of when their current UV exposure is unhealthy or to determine their cumulative UV exposure during exercise. This measurement is critical for people with an elevated risk of sunburn or anyone who is concerned about their sun exposure. A X Visible VDD INT SCL SDA ADC U

Also, this solution guide tells us information about operating temperature, dynamic range, light sensor, range, and signal processing.

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