Speed Sensor DSA Datasheet

The datasheet contains information related to protection, short circuit, controller, technical data, wheel, connector, speed, axial piston units, tolerance, temperature, and installation. Many information about mating connector, sensor, supply, circuit, information, direction, installation instructions, gear, voltage, and supply voltage are explained in this datasheet.

In this datasheet we can get things related to connection, measurement surface, detection, cable, internal resistance, rotation, data, level, current, and pin. Below are chosen from the datasheet:

In conjunction with a gear wheel, the DSA speed sensor is suitable for generating square-wave signals proportional to the speed. The sensor displays a static behavior, i.e. it guarantees impulse generation down to a speed equating to a frequency of 0 Hz. The monitoring element comprises a Hall-ASIC supplying two square-wave channels. The internal two-channel structure demands the perfect alignment of the sensor. The sensor uses a flange for correct installation. The output stages include a cable break detection circuit with overvoltage protection to prevent the Hall-ASIC from being destroyed if the power supply wire (power supply or GND)
breaks. The configuration described below with one pull-up-and one pull-down resistance is designed for a system operated with 5 VDC (including protection diodes) and is used tomonitor the wiring. For other voltages up to 32 VDC with other external resistances, it is only possible to state that the current circuit is not destroyed and the voltage levels stated below do not then apply.

Giving more content, the datasheet gives you discussion about operation, output, application, rotation reading, system, frequency, resistance, speed sensor, cable break detection, and machine.

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