Speed Sensor W.I.N.D. User Manual

Inside the user manual the reader can learn things related to distance, polar speed sensor, and speed reading. This user manual tells us explanation regarding sensor, and accumulators.

Lots of explanation about interference, and speed are described inside the user manual. Here are some excerpt from this user manual:

The Polar CS speed Sensor W.I.N.D. is designed to measure speed and distance when cycling. No other use is intended or implied. The latest version of this user manual can be downloaded at www.polar.fi/support. Please follow the pictures on the front cover. Product Elements 1. 2. Polar bike mount / Polar dual lock bike mount (picture 1 A). For instructions on the bike mount installation, refer to the user manual of Polar training computer in question. Speed sensor, rubber part and spoke magnet (picture 1 B). Installing the Polar Speed Sensor For a video tutorial, go to http://www.polar.fi/en/support/video_tutorials. To install the speed sensor and spoke magnet, you will need cutters and a cross-head screwdriver.

Also, the user manual contains information regarding the speed sensor, and speed sensor.

Download Speed Sensor W.I.N.D. User Manual pdf
File size: 0.872 MB, number of pages: 19, download server: www.polar.fi
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