Speed Sensors and Tachometer Sensors from Dorman

This brochure presents explanation related to tailshaft tachometer, speed sensor, models, pin, external tone, alternative designs, and detroit diesel. Inside this brochure you can get information related to internal tone ring, external tone ring, peterbilt models, diesel tachometer, and sensor.

Many things regarding ring, tone ring, tachometer, internal tone, and tone are described in the brochure. The following are selected from the brochure:

Plastic material is often used to create these parts which can become brittle and wear from the extreme temperatures and road debris that constantly bombard them. Our focus in developing alternatives for speed and tachometer sensors centers on overcoming these common failure patterns. After investing resources examining faulty sensors with an eye towards alternative designs, our parts were developed using a magnetic sensor made from a stronger aluminum material. This improvement eliminates many of the problems associated with plastic sensors. With the Dorman HD Solutions sensors, you are left with a more dependable part and a more dependable truck.

In addition, this brochure gives you info about volvo models, mack models, tachometer sensors, stronger aluminum material, speed, and ring mounts.

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