Spica Temperature Sensor with 24V PNP Frequency Output

Lots of explanation around offset, temperature sensor, and standard are presented inside the technical data. In this technical data we can read info about frequency, temperature, and value.

The technical data presents things like range, sensor, and input. The following are grabbed from this technical data:

The temperature sensor gives a frequency output relative to the temperature. The output is a standard PNP signal which can be connected directly to normal digital input – No high speed input are needed, since the frequency is under 100Hz. The frequency change is 0.25 Hz/C°, with an offset of 68.25 Hz with 0 C°. The temperature sensor is intended for use inside electrical panels, where a bi-metal sensor is not good enough, and a PT100 sensor and related input module is too expensive.

In addition, this technical data contains more things like output, output frequency, temperature calculation, and frequency output.

Download Spica Temperature Sensor with 24V PNP Frequency Output pdf
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