Square Proximity Sensor from Omron

Inside the datasheet you can learn info around operating environment, black operation indicator, output circuit, water resistivity, rated voltage, sensor, sensing, model, proximity, power supply voltage, protection, sensing zone, sensing object, output, range, and short circuit. Many things about main circuits, supply voltage, life expectancy, indicator, arrangement, ambient, rated sensing distance, ambient temperature, sensing distance, circuits, pin, object, distance, environment, and load are explained inside this datasheet.

This datasheet contains explanation such as operating voltage, inductive sensors, mutual, transformer, circuit, connector, surrounding metal, supply, sensor sensing, operation, power supply, proximity sensor, timing chart, current, unit, and interference. These are selected from this datasheet:

The Sensor is ready to operate within 300 ms after the Sensor is turned ON. If the load and Sensor are connected to independent power supplies respectively, be sure to turn ON the Sensor before supplying power to the load. he Proximity Sensor may output a pulse signal when it is turned OFF. Therefore, it is recommended that the load be turned OFF before turning OFF the Proximity Sensor. When using a DC power supply, make sure that the DC power supply has an insulated transformer. Do not use a DC power supply with an auto-transformer

Giving more content, the datasheet presents information regarding rated sensing, control, high tension, sensing zone proximity, sensing objects, metal, voltage, power, temperature range, connection, temperature, mutual interference, wiring, operation mode, and sensor main circuits.

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