Stalker Speed Sensor User Guide

Lots of information regarding rate, data, angle, speed sensor, display, sensor, section, speed data, scoreboard application, high speed, configuration setting, carriage return value, radar, standard, and units are described inside the user guide. This user guide tells the reader things about mode, sensors, transmitter, configuration value, speed, format, source address, status, pin, configuration, time, model, cable, and speeds.

In this user guide the reader can read info regarding peak speed, sensor power, setting, factory, power, speed sensor configuration, value, locked speed, scoreboard, byte, application, speed data protocols, port, and address. Below are grabbed from this user guide:

The Stalker Pro II Speed Sensor is a complete Doppler Radar in a small, rugged housing. It measures the speed of a wide variety of objects such as baseballs, vehicles, tennis balls and just about anything that moves. The Stalker Pro II Speed Sensor sends out very high frequency radio waves and measures the change in the frequency after it bounces off a moving object. This is commonly referred to as Doppler Radar. This invisible radio wave is extremely low power (about 1/100th of a watt) and is completely safe for close and continuous operation. The Stalker Pro II Speed Sensor is a true digital radar system. It converts the reflected microwave signals into a digital stream of data. The sensor’s own computer then processes this data stream using sophisticated programming to interpret, filter and measure the speeds.

Even more, this user guide presents discussion regarding controller, basic configuration, range, serial port, output, programming, control, custom, targets, threshold, speed sensor power, settings, target type, and sensor address.

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