STMicroelectronic’s LM135, LM235, and LM335 Temperature Sensor Datasheet

This datasheet contains information related to package information, voltage, cold junction compensation, calibration, precision temperature sensors, maximum ratings, applications, absolute temperature, lm335, and lm135. Many information such as package, stmicroelectronics, temperature, compensation, response, sensors, lm135, electrical characteristics, package mechanical drawing, and thermal response are presented inside the datasheet.

In this datasheet the reader can learn info around lm335 application, impedance, lm235, dynamic impedance, temperature range, lm335 application information, time constant, thermal resistance, application information, and drawing table. Here are some excerpt from the datasheet:

The LM135, LM235, LM335 are precision temperature sensors which can be easily calibrated. They operate as a 2-terminal Zener and the breakdown voltage is directly proportional to the absolute temperature at 10mV/°K.

Additionally, this datasheet explains discussion things like temperature accuracy, products, circuit, temperature sensor, ordering information, schematic diagram, accuracy, diagram, and package information.

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