Superfast Phase-shifting Method for 3-D Shape Measurement

There are many info around binary structured patterns, light intensity, sinusoidal, digital fringe projection, algorithm, acquisition, shape, measurement, acquisition speed, beam, shifting method, shifting methods, surface, optical module, defocusing binary, linear approximation, technique, camera, and calibration are described in the paper. This paper tells us information regarding projection, cross section, light system calibration, data, phase, resolution, projector, system, measurement technique, cantilever beam, sinusoidal fringe, switching, synchronization circuit, fringe image acquisition, vibration, phase shifting, fringe, measurement system, and rate.

In this paper we can find info around calibration technique, image acquisition, measurement results, phase shifting algorithm, fringe projection, accuracy, image switching, proposed system, unwrapped phase map, image, technology, structured patterns, vibrating cantilever, vibrating cantilever beam, measurement range, exposure time, switch, light, and fringe patterns. Below are excerpted from this paper:

Recently introduced DLP Discovery technology allows for tens of kHz binary image switching, which has great potential for superfast 3-D shape measurement. This paper presents a system that realizes 3-D shape measurement by using a DLP Discovery technology to switch binary structured patterns at very high frame rates. The sinusoidal fringe patterns are generated by properly defocusing the projector. Combining this approach with a phase-shifting method, we achieve an unprecedented rate for 3-D shape measurement: 667 Hz. This technology can be applied to numerous applications including medical science, biometrics, and entertainment.

Additionally, the paper explains info things like speed, shape measurement, reference, phase shifting method, fringe pattern, height, camera exposure, research, sinusoidal fringe patterns, digital, defocused projector, shifting, sinusoidal phase, binary, plot, shape measurement technique, media, discovery projection system, and switching rate.

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